OmegaPRO backoffice is offline and withdrawals suspended

Since November 17, 2022, full access to the OmegaPRO backoffice is not working and withdrawals are suspended

omegapro world host error backoffice offline withdraw suspended - register forex

OmegaPRO backoffice server is offline

OmegaPRO participants and investors are facing difficulties and even total restriction of access to the company’s backoffice (virtual office). This also prevents them from requesting withdrawals of their income, as withdrawals are suspended due to lack of access.

There are rumors that due to the high volatility of the crypto market generated by the bankruptcy of the FTX broker, not only Omega PRO but many other similar companies and other cryptocurrency brokers have their withdrawals compromised due to the lack of liquidity in the market.

Users who are trying to access the withdrawal area receive this screen that the service (server) is offline.

omegapro world report by cloudflare backoffice offline withdraw suspended - register forex

OmegaPRO issues a note on Instagram about the backoffice being offline

On the Instagram page was posted by the Omegapro the following message:

1 All user will get a new temporary password sent to their registered email.
2 All user will have to chant their passoword when they loig to backoffice.
3 All user will not be able to change their new password to their od password.
4 We recommend that all users change their transaction password and email address as well.

The note issued by the company Omegapro on its Instagram page has the title that it has “Important Updates”

omegapro world instagram note about backoffice offline withdraw suspended - register forex

important information!

Our final considerations about this incident is that it already happened and the company returned normally after a period. If they’re applying any improvements to the system, it can really take time.
However, as it is a company that deals with third-party technology and values, we believe that it should make all these adjustments and improvements in a controlled environment (development environment) so that the online service is not impaired and raises questions for part of your customers.

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